Five years from now, I wonder if you’d be reading this post, or watching it. As digital video continues its inimitable rise, it’s rather an interesting question to ponder. Studies show there is a growing number of businesses that are already making use of this popular medium – a figure that’s expected to exponentially rise in the near future. By early next year, online videos will account for over 70% of all consumer Internet traffic. In other words, video-on-demand traffic is set to witness a robust growth.

When it comes to the power of reach, videos are peerless. Nearly one-third of all online activity is spent watching videos and every Internet user, on an average, watches over 32.2 videos in a month. Moreover, a video has the ability to boost people’s understanding of a specific product or service by over 75%. As online videos have fast emerged as an essential means for people to satiate their hunger for information and entertainment, PR pros that fail to include them in their marketing campaigns and strategies do so at their own peril.

Audio-video content has the power of connecting with the consumers at a deeper level, and if online PR agencies want to build a rapport with audiences, embracing videos as part of their marketing strategies is integral. Videos can identify stakeholders, help a brand get recognition, enhance engagement and convert sales.

What types of videos should PR agencies post on YouTube? Let’s take a look at it.


  • Tutorials

Believe it or not, how-to videos are a significant part of YouTube’s collection. Since YouTube’s potential as a search engine major is humungous, the market for brands to educate and individuals to grasp knowledge enhances further.

Moreover, tutorial videos are considered the cornerstone of effective audio-visual content marketing, given their ability to offer essential value to viewers. Information is powerful and video tutorials can build brand awareness, connect with the new audiences/prospects and boost loyalty among the existing customers.

Most importantly, how-to-videos can be created and implemented without burning a hole in your pocket. PR agencies should emphasis upon educating the viewer and not on product promotion or prospective sale when developing tutorial videos for clients.

  • Launch of new campaign

Business honchos feel videos are an impactful way to build buzz for a new campaign. A study states that over 70% of the users choose to visit a marketer’s website after viewing a video. This pushes the targeted consumers to visit the owned media channels for additional information.

By nature, people are visual and get attracted to images. They hold out attention for longer period of time. Statistics reveal that 80% of the online visitors prefer to watch a video and only 20% choose to read content.

PR consulting agencies should capitalise on videos while initiating new campaigns in today’s news-focussed world. Instead of creating press releases and eyes for earned media, we feel there’s room for additional creativity for you. Launch your campaign and if required, take help from social channels.

Cause-focussed PR pros and marketing gurus, whose audience stress upon causes, should use this tactic more often as personalised stories and ‘call-to-action’ with a sense of urgency bring desired results.

Moreover, the PR industry should understand if a client’s business has been running an ongoing campaign, revisions – if needed – should be prompt and based on factors such as changing audience, internal and external developments.

  • Authentic approach towards display of products/service offerings

Most audiences who are keen to purchase a product will choose the online medium to boost their knowledge (via user reviews, product photos or relevant videos). Over 15% of audiences who watch an online video ads end up buying the product or availing the service on offer.

PR and marketing professionals must take notice of the leveraging abilities of the video, to optimally highlight the differentiating factors of a product and/or service. Videos are a great way to build top-of-the-mind awareness, drive buzz and boost engagement for any brand. In simple words, an original idea can position a product in an innovative way and appeal to the viewers’ senses or emotions.

  • Augment brand value

Audiences love those businesses/brands that stand for a ‘cause’. More than 60% consumers who have a long-term association with a ‘single’ brand based their decision on ‘common shared values’ with the company to maintain loyalty. When you are keen to boost client loyalty, transparency and staying true to the brand’s narrative is essential.

Videos are an effective way for businesses to display what values they stand for. Without becoming overly righteous, the medium ‘shows’ the cause, value or charity they support. Experts are of the belief that it is rather a ‘clever’ way that helps businesses distinguish themselves from the competition.

The Bottom Line

There is no denying that YouTube is booming. It is increasingly becoming evident that this popular free video sharing platform no longer just features pets/kids, pranks and music videos, but also highlights business campaigns that build awareness and brand repositioning. YouTube can help you break the ice because online videos are personal and human.

The ability to tap into the pulse of online communities is important for PR and communication professionals. And, what can be more effective than YouTube to ensure a better reach?

Right now, videos are at frontrunners of consumer consumption. Conventional media practitioners and emerging players in digital media should focus upon delivering video content in accordance with audience’s needs and demands.

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